12 Things by 2012

The List

I love reading blogs about attaining a certain goal. For example, this blogger spent her entire year tweaking thrifted clothes. This girl,on the other hand, created a list of things to accomplish by the time she’s thirty. This guy, however, decided to go through the impossible by creating his own impossible list.

While reading those blogs is fun for me, I have come to realization that I don’t want to be an spectator anymore, I want to be the same person those bloggers have become– a person who knows what he/she wants and gets it.

I finally decided to create my own list because I want to SET my own goals. To give you a background, my career life has been in a yo-yo, my health is not so good, my financial life is (uh, oh, I don’t have financial life even.) Don’t get me wrong, I am fine… but I am always imprisoned by the goals set in me by other people, e.g. have a regular job, climb the corporate ladder, etc. I am at a lost. I don’t know what I want- and even if I know it, I often forget about it.

So, here I am, focusing my heart and my mind on these twelve things that I want to attain this year. I am not in any way proving that these things are the right things to accomplish.  These things are MORE of things that I really want to do and seeing myself doing for the entire 2012.


1. STARTING AND KEEPING AN EXERCISE ROUTINE – Starting an exercise is easy, keeping it is the hardest thing. My goal is to just start taking care of my body, be more active, and lose some fats.

2. ATTEND A PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP – This has been a long time dream of mine but I am often threatened by the fact that I only have NikonD40 as a camera. I am not in any way degrading this unit because I love this camera so much. The problem with me is that I am plagued by my own insecurities. I know for sure that when I attend a photography workshop, I will see better cameras and better photographers. So, I fear I will feel out-of-place, loser, poor, or maybe envious… you know- you get the idea. SO, I decided to put this on my list by hook or by crook because it will bother me for the rest of my life if I didn’t give myself a chance to attend this workshop just because I have so many fears inside me.

3. ESTABLISH AN ONLINE SHOP – This is because I am poor and I have to support myself, and I also think online shop is the best way I could earn better than a paycheck. My goal is to start to think like an entrepreneur because I don’t really wanted to be an employee. I hated it. I don’t want to go back to being a corporate slave, it is just not for me. I am an artist, and I believe entrepreneurs are artists in their own way. Establishing an online shop is something I feel is challenging and I really, really want to try it.

4. CREATE AN EMERGENCY FUND  – The importance of an emergency fund is something that I have to learn the hard way. I am starting this blog with a pending resignation on my current company, and I have a little amount on my bank account. I could have prepared for the soon-to-be a job loss if I have only been a bit intelligent on my finances. Financial freedom is power, and I have to start now before it’s too late.

5. REBOND – This is because I wanted to regain the physical confidence straight hair gives me. I want to be “more beautiful” this year and though the reason for this rebond is just plain vanity, I feel it is necessary to believe I deserve this.

6. WRITE FOR A MAGAZINE – I have no idea whatsoever how will I ever accomplish this one because this is more of a dream than a goal. I really don’t know how to penetrate this industry, or I really don’t know if I believe in myself that much that I can be a published writer. This dream is something I leave to God, “for He knows His plans for me.” This is the miracle that I really want to believe

7. GO SEE THE HOT AIR BALLOON – I want to attend this one because I want to take pictures of beautiful colors and flying objects and uh- so much beauty!

8. BORACAY – I hear people praise Boracay so much, others even refer to it as a paradise. I want to go here because I want to see it myself. Plus, my mother, brothers, friends.. everyone has been there except me. I love beaches… so I must experience Boracay.

9. DATE MY PARENTS – I admit I don’t have time for my parents. My adult life is so consumed of work, lovelife, friends, and other things that make me neglect my parents. I want to treat them to a movie, bring them to a restaurant, just to bond with them once again.

10. READ ALL MY “TO READ” BOOKS – Something that I really love doing but because of the demands in my world, I have totally forgotten. I want to find the joy in reading books once again.

11. REUNITE WITH MY COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS – Because I miss them so much. That’s all.

12. COMPETE IN A SINGING CONTEST – I know I can sing, I know I have a powerful voice, but I am so afraid to compete. I am so bad in competing. This year, I want to give myself a chance to show it to the people the gift of music that I have inside me- plus, it would be fun to just sing on the stage, ayt?

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